Research - Personalised medicine

Personalised medicine, Translational medicine, translational genomics, individualised medicine are different terms that imply application of innovative technological advances using high throughput genomic and transcriptomic analysis tools to understand the basis of disease and variation between individuals to respond to diseases as well as therapies.

Advances arising from the Human Genome Project, gave the hope that in the near future scientists can understand the genetic components of common and complex diseases, leading to a shift in clinical practice from treatment based on symptoms to treatment based on the underlying causes of disease. Although all the puzzle pieces of our genetic make-up may have been identified, still the goals of personalized medicine have not been fully attained. Scientists and clinicians now have the formidable task of interpreting how genetic profiles fit together at a functional level in order to translate the genome map to patient care. The hope is to further advance our understanding of the function of different physiological systems in health and disease and to be able to tailor diagnostic, prognostic and treatment tools to individuals.

The TransGeno ERA chair laboratory is focusing its efforts in this regard towards skin and fertility disorders. We are doing so by combining genomics, transcriptomics and epigenomics together with our current understanding and advances in physiology and pathology of healthy and diseased tissue to create new diagnosis and treatments for Psoriasis and Embryo implantation disorders.