Over the years of our law firm’s, we’ve achieved an astonishing rate of 98% of positive verdicts rate, which beats any of our local competitor’s margins by double digits…

Even if we’ve tried to, it would have been an awfully long of a page to list all of the 98 hundred cases we won, helped to dismiss, drop or settle in those 27 years.  These are our most recent victories, which we’ll be updating regularly with newer ones…

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Latest news

Collaboration with Particle Metrix

New collaboration project -Monitoring the size and zeta potential af EVs by fluorescence nanoparticle tracking- get started with our partner Particle Metrix GmbH today. With this project, the application of fluorescent dye for the detection of nanoparticles using a nanoparticle tracking analyzer (NTA) produced by Particle Metrix GmbH is going to be optimized. In addition,

Collaboration with Tartu Biotechnology Park

Sven Parkel TransGeno in collaboration with Tartu Biotechnology Park, organised a meeting on 21st May 2019 to engage with start up companies to discuss development of new tools for facilitation of “Biomarker Discovery”. Biomarkers are potential prognostic, diagnostic, and treatment indicators that despite their increasing potential for precision medicine, their development into commercial products is very challenging.During this Meeting

Collaborational Meeting of Three Universities

On May 14th we had a successful visit by a delegation of top Nottingham University researchers coming to Tartu to share their science and exploring potential avenues for research collaborations with scientists of University of Tartu and Estonian University of Life Sciences.

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