Malene Møller Jørgensen

Malene Møller Jørgensen has a background (Ph.D. and post-doc) in the field of protein chemistry and mass spectrometry. Since 2009 she has worked extensively with protein microarray and the development of various multiplexed arrays for measurement of cytokines, cancer-associated antibodies, tissue-specific antibodies, and extracellular vesicles. She has been the intellect in the development of the EV Array (Published in JEV in 2013).

Malene is a co-founder and head coordinator of Extracellular Vesicle Research Center Denmark (EVSEARCH.DK) and the president of the Danish Society of Extracellular Vesicles. Since 2018 she has been positioned in the Board of Directors of the International Society of Extracellular Vesicles, ISEV.


Malene gives an open lecture 

“Potentials and Capabilities of the Extracellular Vesicle (EV) Array – in health and disease” 

in TransGeno EV Winter School on Dec 3, 2019, at 14.00 at the ChemicumRavila 14a, Tartu, room 1100.

Abstract: Extracellular vesicles (EVs) and exosomes are difficult to enrich or purify from biofluids, hence quantification and phenotyping of these are tedious and inaccurate. The multiplexed, highly sensitive and high-throughput platform of the EV Array (J Extracell Vesicles, 2013; 2: 10) has been refined regarding the capabilities of the method for characterization and molecular profiling for up to 60 EV surface markers simultaneously. EVs are involved in several diseases, which have formed the basis for the potential use of EV analyses in a clinical setting. The protein phenotype of EVs can provide information on the functionality of the vesicles and may be used for the identification of disease-related biomarkers.