Kalju Paju

I have worked at faculty of medicine of Tartu University since 1979, more than 30 years in position of pathophysiology associate professor. Most of my workload was connected with teaching.

My field of research in biomedicine is connected with current project “Translational studies on bone and muscle pathologies in Institute of Biomedicine and Translational Medicine. One completed project concerns participation in European Union project “MYOAGE- Understanding and combating age related muscle weakness (2009−2013)” where one of the partners was Tartu University. Systemic low-grade chronic inflammatory status of old persons is proposed to cause the development of sarcopenia in the elderly. The aim of the study was to investigate mitochondrial energy metabolism in muscle biopsies (from young and old individuals) and in cell cultures derived from the bioptates. The other completed project was my collaboration with National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics, Tallinn (Estonia) “Dynamics of formation of modular bioenergetic systems during differentiation of stem cells into myocytes and their degradation during ageing”. During my earlier academic career the biggest interest was the field of hemorheology and cardiac muscle bioenergetics.

ETIS: Kalju Paju

email: kalju.paju@ut.ee