Winter School 2020


Basics to Work with


NOV 30 - DEC 2 /2020




9.00-9.20ONLINE Welcoming and Introduction | Alireza Fazeli
9.20-10.45ONLINE Lecture 1 Minimum requirements for publishing EV studies. Sample preparation | Janeli Viil 
10.45-11.45ONLINE Lecture 2 Methods for EV purification | Getnet Balcha MidekessaDanilo Mladenoviċ 
11.45-12.30ONLINE Student 3-minute presentations (Part 1)
12.30-13.15ONLINE streaming of the pre-recorded Workshop 1 and Workshop 2 with Q&A session
14.00-15.15ONSITE Workshop 1 Introduction to Size Exclusion-High Performance Liquid Chromatography (SEC-HPLC) and Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) | Getnet Balcha Midekessa, Danilo Mladenoviċ, Keerthie Dissanayake 
15.15-15.25Tea & Coffee break
15.25-17.35ONSITE Workshop 2 EV purification from follicular fluid samples | Mohammad Mehedi Hasan, Qurat Ul Ain Reshi
9.00-10.00ONLINE Lecture 3 Introduction to Zetaview NTA | Sascha Raschke
10.00-10.40ONLINE Lecture 4 Flow-cytometric analysis of EVs | Olavi Reinsalu
10.40-11.25ONLINE Student 3-minute presentations (Part 2)
11.25-13.45ONLINE streaming of the pre-recorded Workshop 3 – Workshop 6 with Q&A session
including Workshop 5 NTA data analysis | Freddy Lättekivi

ONSITE Workshop 3 EV size and concentration measurements with NTA | Keerthie Dissanayake 

  15.30-16.30   ONSITE Workshop 4 EV zeta-potential measurements with NTA | Getnet Balcha Midekessa    
16.30-16.40Tea & Coffee break
16.40-17.10ONSITE Workshop 6 Flow-cytometric analysis of EVs | Olavi Reinsalu

Notice! Program has changed 

9.00-9.45ONLINE Student  3-minute presentations (Part3)
 9.45-11.00ONLINE Lecture 6 High-resolution microscopy and its potential applications in EV research | Sergei Kopantsuk
11.00-11.10ONLINE Lecture 7 RNA extraction from EVs | Kasun Godakumara
11.10-11.20ONLINE streaming of the pre-recorded Workshop 7 with Q&A session
11.20-12.35ONLINE Lecture 5 Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) | Aneta Andronowska
14.10-15.00ONSITE Workshop 7 (part 1) RNA extraction from EVs | Qurat Ul Ain Reshi Annika Häling
15.00-15.10Tea & Coffee break
15.10-18.10ONSITE Workshop 7 (part 2) RNA extraction from EVs | Qurat Ul Ain Reshi  & Annika Häling


Winter school aims to introduce the basic methods for working with Extracellular Vesicles (EVs) The EV Winter School will go through all the steps to work with EVs starting from sample preparation and EV purification until the data analysis of different EV quality and quantity data. A series of seminars and hands-on training will be provided, thus a participant would have a thorough overview of different methods applicable at the University of Tartu (UT). 

The seminars and hands-on training will be held by researchers and Ph.D. students working on different EV projects under the ERA Chair of Translational Genomics at the University of Tartu. Additionally, at least two experts from outside the UT will be involved. The outcome of this Winter School would be knowledge, which helps a student or researcher to plan and conduct a project to study EVs. 

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The course will be conducted by the ERA Chair of Translational Genomics at the University of Tartu (European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 668989).