Stoyan Tankov

My professional education started at Sofia University where I received Bachelor’s of science degree in molecular biology.

I continued my education at Uppsala University, where I finished my Master degree in molecular biology studying bacterial and mitochondrial translation. Life brought me to Estonia, where I finished my PhD at the University of Tartu in 2016, investigating stress response in bacteria and the mechanisms of mitochondrial translation. During my PhD study I developed an interest in miRNAs and other non-coding RNAs and their role in the regulation of gene expression.

In April, 2017 I joined Prof. Alireza Fazeli’s group at ERA Chair of translational genomics as a research fellow. Currently, my interests are focused on intercellular communication through extracellular vesicles (EVs). More specifically, I am interested in EV-mediated transport of non-coding RNAs, as well as developing an increased understanding of the various and fundamental roles of different types of EVs.

ETIS: Stoyan Tankov