Qurat Ul Ain Reshi

I pursued my B.Sc in Zoology & Industrial Chemistry and M.Sc in Clinical biochemistry from University of Kashmir, India. Later I did my Master´s dissertation in Special Centre of Molecular Medicine (SCMM), Jawarharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India were I worked on DNA replication machinery of Plasmodium falciparum. My main protein of interest was proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) which increases the processivity of DNA polymerase during replication. Studies have shown that Plasmodium falciparum possess two homologues of PCNA. We sucessfully cloned the UTR (untranslated regions) of both the PCNAs and they were later to be used for knock out studies. I also checked the expression of both PCNAs using Affinity Chromatography. PCNA interacts with many other proteins during DNA replication which is a key biological process that helps parasite to multiply and survive. So a more detailed study of the pathway of this important aspect of DNA metabolism can be used to block infestation or target the DNA replication of this parasitic disease.

In 2018, I joined Department of Pathophysiology, University Of Tartu and started my PhD studies under the supervision of Prof. Alireza Fazeli. In Tartu, I am working on understanding the potential role of extracellular vesicles in interactions between spermatozoa and oviductal epithelial cells in cattle.

e-mail: qurat.reshi@ut.ee