Prof Alireza Fazeli

Alireza Fazeli, PhD has over 20 years of experience of conducting multidisciplinary research in world-class universities and research institutions around the globe. During this time, he has developed vast experience using different “OMICS” technologies such as genomics and proteomics in translational research in the field of immune, reproductive and developmental medicine. In particular he has sought to investigate the Periconception Environment and its effect on the offspring epigenetic profile, maternal interactions with gametes and embryos as well as understanding the mechanisms involved in the mediation of the innate immune system in the female reproductive tract in health and disease.

In carrying out this work, he has developed an extensive network of contacts, having collaborated with a wide variety of excellent researchers and scientists from academia, industry and pharma from different countries. This is illustrated in the two successful EU-wide Research programs he has chaired and vice-chaired: Gemini ( and Epiconcept ( each involving more than 30 different European and European Associated countries with over 400 active researchers originating from different academic institutions.

Alireza has also served as chairman of the British Andrology Society that is an international Learned Society with membership from all over the globe for 3 years. He has also served as Head of the Academic unit of Reproductive and Developmental Medicine at Sheffield University, managing over 50 academics, technical, administrative, post-graduate research and taught students.

During his research career, he has published well over 250 scientific communications of which 90 are published in peer reviewed high quality scientific journals. In addition to professional scientific media, he has sought to disseminate his research in the public press and in different forms of media. From art objects exhibited in public art galleries to video clips on YouTube. His goal in these efforts have been to make science understandable for all, in particular the younger generations so as to inspire and educate them to pursue scientific careers. He hopes that his research make a difference in day to day lives of ordinary people.

ETIS: Alireza Fazeli