Olavi Reinsalu

Olavi Reinsalu received his diplomas for his bachelor’s and master’s degree in the curriculum of gene technology at the University of Tartu, in 2012 and 2015 respectively. For the research of his master’s thesis he studied virus-like particles carrying melanoma antigens. After graduation he worked for three years as a researcher in University of Tartu and Competence Center of Health Technologies developing a bovine fluorescence in situ hybridization technique as part of a R&D project for agricultural enterprises. Starting from fall 2018 he became a doctoral student in University of Tartu studying in the curriculum of technology and engineering, specializing in biomedical technology. 

His PhD study is continuation of his research from master’s and is also about extracellular vesicles and virus-like particles carrying melanoma antigens. The greater aim of the research is to develop anti-cancer therapeutic or diagnostic techniques involving extracellular vesicle application. 

Olavi Reinsalu in ETIS

Olavi is a lecturer in research school “Basics to Work with Extracellular Vesicles”.