Kasun Madhuranga Godakumara Godagedara

I started my scientific career in the University of Peradeniya. My first degree was in Medical Laboratory science. I completed my Bachelors research on immunohistochemistry of gastric carcinoma in Niigata University, Japan with Prof Mitsuya Iwafuchi. My Master´s of philosophy is in biochemistry and biotechnology  and the degree was based on the transcriptomic and biochemical changes in primary osteoblasts exposed to some traditional cures for osteoporosis, under the supervision of Prof. Neil Alles, Dr. P.H.P Fernando and Dr S.P Kodithuwakku. During my studies I have developed a deep appreciation for cell biological and biotechnological techniques.

I have joined the ERA chair team in January 2018 as a PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Alireza Fazeli studying embryo-maternal communication. I am currently involved in experimentation to decipher the methods and characteristics of extracellular vesicle mediated embryo maternal communication.

ETIS: Kasun Godagedara

e-mail: kasun.godagedara@ut.ee