Janeli Viil

My scientific career began in 2004 at the University of Tartu when I joined the research group of Dr. Lilian Kadaja-Saarepuu as an undergraduate student.

During my BSc and MSc studies I investigated the role of leukocyte marker and potential oncogene CD43 in tumor development, and its connection to p53-dependent signaling pathway. The role of slowly-cycling liver progenitor cells and extracellular matrix in liver regeneration became the focus of my studies in PhD programme under the supervision of Dr. Viljar Jaks. During this time I also had the opportunity to take part in several other projects, including cancer research, dupuytren’s contracture studies, and miRNA studies.

I received my PhD degree in cell biology in 2016 and since April 2017 I am working as a research fellow of clinical genomics and personalized medicine in Prof. Alireza Fazeli’s group where I study the communication between gametes and embryos, and the maternal tract.

ETIS: https://www.etis.ee/CV/Janeli_Viil/est?lang=ENG&tabId=CV_ENG

e-mail: janeli.viil@ut.ee