In 2015, the European Commission granted the University of Tartu (UT) 2.5 M€ for hiring a top researcher as ERA Chair of Translational Genomics (TG). After a thorough search Alireza Fazeli, PhD, was selected and started as ERA Chair at UT in the summer of 2016.


In addition to assembling a highly skilled team to engage in cutting edge translational genomic research, the main tasks of the TransGeno ERA Chair are as follows:

  • Forge partnerships with leading scientists and institutions to attract top students and researchers from around the world
  • Coordinate with other departments to make more efficient and effective use of UT’s research capacity.
  • Leverage these partnerships and enhanced research capacity to develop successful bids for international research funding
  • Increase the amount of articles published in leading academic journals
  • Implementing a PhD curriculum on Translational Genomics – the first one of its kind in Eastern Europe


The ERA Chair will also engage with various stakeholders, including:

  • Health sector business clusters to explore ways to exploit research results
  • Medical doctors to educate them on how one form of TG information, clinical genomic data, can be useful in everyday practice
  • Youth and the general public to popularize genomics and spur young people into STEM sciences
  • International researchers by sharing research data and results in as open way as possible, either at ‘green’ or ‘gold’ open access standards.

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